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Publisher: Burning Wheel
by Christopher S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/13/2020 14:36:56

Ok, so I haven't actually played this yet. But I've been reading through the book and trying to understand it. I am new to table top RPG's but I'm super, super keen to play. I just need to find some friends willing to play.

Any way, having looked at D&D I thought: "ugh, too confusing." Then I came across DW and I knew this would be the one for me.

I love that it's the fiction that drives the game, you don't take turns in battles, you take turns telling the story. And the biggest thing is that You play to find out what happens. You're not trying to drive a pre-written narrative.

I can't wait to play this and see what happens!

I also love the way it's written, there is so much in there that spikes your imagination. You'll be coming up with your own ideas as you read it.

The artwork is cool too, it speaks of advetnure, fun and fancy rather than hardcore and serious. Kinda like Terry Pratchett!

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Dungeon World
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