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No Country For Old Kobolds
Publisher: Steve Wallace Art
by Patrick H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/02/2020 23:45:42

I really wanted to like this game. I really tried to like this game. I love games with incompetent disposable characters because they're a lot of fun. Or at least I love them when they're a lot of fun.

My core complaint is that almost everything is handled by the "Duck, Cover, and Squirm" move, which results in a d6 of damage even on a partial success. The thing is, PCs have 1d6 hit points. So that means almost every check has about an 80% chance of dealing potentially lethal damage to the person making it. We played for two sessions and I think we had exactly one kobold survive two consecutive dice rolls. (They died on the third.) So instead of making "incompetent and disposable" fun, it's just kind of punishing. Players were afraid to roll the dice, and tried to weasel around moves. It's just not a good time. We went through several missions, a few village advancements, several variations of ability combinations ... it just didn't work for us.

The PDF also merits consideration. It's cute, certainly, but it's big and clunky; flipping through it to run the game involved a lot of sitting around waiting for it to load. Which is unfortunate, because you're constantly referring back and forth to different parts of it. The ToC isn't bad, but it's not quite great, either. Very frustrating experience all around.

I feel like I should end on a "no country" pun, but I'm honestly too disappointed. If you want kobold shenanigans, play Kobolds Ate My Baby. This game is a good idea, but the execution just doesn't work.

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No Country For Old Kobolds
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