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Monsters! Monsters! 1st Edition RPG $14.95 $6.95
Publisher: Flying Buffalo
by Billiam B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/26/2010 12:18:53

Although I'm not sure I'd actually ever get around to playing this, Monsters! Monsters! is a fascinating purchase filled with many gems and easter eggs for Tunnels and Trolls players. The text is witty, informal and chaotically refreshing. Print it out and read it before bed. Enjoy the Liz Danforth sketches. Let the text alter you mind slightly and question what what it is that Monsters get out of raiding rural villages (a village is included with many stated NPCs) - transport yourself to a mind set where the human/demi-human village is a pillageble "dungeon". Revel in the brutal stupidity of Uruks and Trolls, whilst meditating on the pure evil of the truly demonic villains. A great read. Wicked b/w art. A fascinating insight into early RPGs and their development potential. Thanks for making this available. :)

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Monsters! Monsters! 1st Edition RPG
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