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Basic Alchemist Pay What You Want
Publisher: Den Meister Games
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/20/2020 13:50:57

This is a smaller product, but it is totally in line with the Basic-era games. What makes this particular product useful is its flexibility. Produced for Labyrinth Lord it is a solid B/X feeling class. The cover art even invokes the Erol Otus alchemist art from the D&D Expert book. The alchemist can build potions, elixirs, and compounds and use them as magic-user spells. Some examples are given and it has a great old-school feel. In particular, I love the alchemical failure table!

At six pages it is not big, but it makes each page count. I do wish there more examples of spells though.

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Basic Alchemist
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