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Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures $7.99
Publisher: Flatland Games
by George G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/29/2019 10:22:41

This game is an icredible concept. I have been gaming since the early 80s and have played more than systems than I can remember, Beyond the Wall hits SO many marks. Character creation is actually FUN for once, that alone is a revelation! The idea that I as a GM can sit down with zero prep work and have a great scenario outline, with ties the the PCs, is a God send. I have run the same scenario pack multiple times with different results each time, even having run the same scenario pack for the same group of PCs. It isn't hard to comine scanrio packs to get interesting adventures, for instance I combined one of the undead related scenarios with one from the Goblin add one, it made for a fantastic adventure with lots of twists.

The system is essentially somewhere between OD&D and Moldvay-era Basic/Expert D&D, with some modern mechanics thrown in (ascending AC for instance). I have run the game in its base form and had good results. I happen to be more of a fan of the Chaosium/BRP mechanics though, and I found it VERY easy to adapt the scnenario packs and character playbooks to Basic Roleplaying. Really only had to do a couple things; where playbook gives Wisdom bonuses, put them to Power for BRP, add some skills to the BRP character sheet, and give BRP mechanics to some spells (which is very easy to do). I think it would be nealry as easy to adapt the scenario packs and playbooks to other systems as well, so if you have a system you prefer and like the Beyond the Wall concept you could still use these pdfs.

Highly recommended!

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Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures
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