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Pugmire Core Rulebook Phone PDF $14.99 $0.00
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/25/2019 13:14:08

First of all, if you play this game, you really should have this version of the rules. After all, it's free. But most importantly it's nice to have a rules reference on your phone, and that is laid out for the shape of a phone's screen. I wish every game had one of these.

The table of contents are hyper linked (quick links) to the pages, and at the end they have a bunch of quick links in the index. There are only a few book marks and they link to combat related stuff. It looks like it was either messed up, or it was started, but never finished. It would be nice to have a fully book marked pdf, but that is my only complaint (espceially for a free rulebook pdf).

Great job, and thank you!

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Pugmire Core Rulebook Phone PDF
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