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Brain Drain: Android Genesys Adventure $4.99
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Brian G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/27/2019 18:47:11

First the basics; Brain Drain is a 17 page PDF scenario for the Shadow of the Beanstalk setting. After subtracting the cover and credits/CCA for the Genesys Foundry page and handout the remaining 14 pages are dedicated to the primary content. Brain Drain can easily be used as an introduction to the NDS system and the Shadow of the Beanstalk setting.

I will not use terms like AMAZING, INNOVATIVE or MUST HAVE to describe the product. IT IS well written and laid out in an easy to follow manner. The handout page prints just fine, however, for my online game it would have been nice to have two separate images for handouts of a suitable resolution. I attempted to extract the last page or save it as an image file, but the text was too pixilated to be usable.

The opportunity exists for two different network map setups to be used for net running encounters, as well as the possibility for various strategies to be used in accomplishing the mission set forth in the introduction. The introduction works well for starting characters or, if need be, disregard and incorporate the mission into an existing storyline. Plenty of adversaries are provided to fill out the cast for combat or social encounters. As one of the few written scenarios and at the cost of $4.99, it is worth the price to save you the time.

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Brain Drain: Android Genesys Adventure
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