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Ready....Fight! An Unarmed Combat Supplement for Genesys $9.95
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Jeffrey W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/24/2019 21:40:57

Fantastic supplement. This is the my first Genesys Foundry product, and I found it very helpful for enhancing the mechanical depth and cinematic fidelity of unarmed combat. The best part? I don't even play Genesys at the moment. I'm going to use a number of these rules just to enhance the Martial Artist in Star Wars. While it's not the intended use of the product, some of the new skill uses and "training montage" sections are thoroughly "transplantable" to any Narative Dice System module. I can only imagine what a purist martial artist campaign could do with this information. I'm sure I'll try it one day, and this book will be key!

Some of my major takeaways:

  • It knows exactly why you're there and exactly what narrative notes you're trying to hit, whether you're a Street Fighter, a Shaolin Monk, an Octagon Kick-boxer, or a bespandex'd Wrestling Hero.

  • Incredibly modular. Some of the new systems build upon others, such as the Grappling and Boxing-oriented mechanics, but for the vast majority, nothing is interdependent. And that makes playing with your favorite bits that much easier.

  • It does more than punch! I was pleasantly surprised to see uses for basically every skill that would be remotely relevant to a martial artist. Using deception to feint, coercion to force opponents to attack in a rage, Knowledge to learn about the opponent's elite fighting style. It's impressive.

  • The archetypes have some very fun special abilities. This definitely builds upon the more "open" style of genesis archetypes have interesting abilities. This is a absolute success in flavor meeting mechanics.

  • Training Montages. Do you like Eye of the Tiger? Do you like Rocky? It even has rules for multiple kinds of montages. By far my favorite part.

Definitely a quality product and at 10 bucks is a friggin' steal.

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Ready....Fight! An Unarmed Combat Supplement for Genesys
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