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Forthright Open Roleplay Core Rulebook $9.99
Publisher: Room 209 Gaming
by Daniel E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/11/2019 10:39:01

Since I already owned this, when the author put that political, and objectively false, crap about concentration camps at the beginning of the description, I decided to donate to Build The Wall.

Feels good.

Keep politics out of gaming.

Get woke, go broke.

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Creator Reply:
Because I can foresee a day when we take our notification down, Daniel E is referring to this notification at the top of every Room 209 Gaming product page:

--Until the concentration camps in the United States close, all proceeds Room 209 Gaming earns from sales will be donated to the ACLU and RAICES as they work to close the camps.--

This notification was added to our products in July 2019 and will remain - on all our old products and any new ones we publish - until such time as the "migrant detention centers" in the United States are closed or until the immigrants incarcerated within are granted due process, habeas corpus, and a clear legal path to ending their imprisonment.

At Room 209 Gaming, we side with the historians who believe it is appropriate to call them concentration camps (where people are imprisoned without legal recourse), distinct from extermination camps (concentration camps where people are deliberately or systematically killed).

We believe these camps are unnecessarily cruel. We do not believe standing against cruelty is a political issue, but a moral one. As proud and patriotic Americans, with family who have fought and died for the ideals of this country, we stand by our decision to donate our proceeds - not just profits, but ALL the money we earn from our products from July 2019 forward - to stand against the cruel incarceration of immigrants. We can do better, we should do better, and at Room 209 Gaming, we are putting our money where our morals are.

As you might imagine, the developers of a game called FORTHRIGHT are quite big on transparency :-). We chose to announce where our share of all sales are going because we believe consumers have the right to know where their money will ultimately wind up. We made sure it was right at the top of the page so that anyone who finds this cause egregious need look no further at any of our products; we do not want anyone to feel like we tricked them into even indirectly donating to a cause they do not believe in.
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Forthright Open Roleplay Core Rulebook
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