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Mythic Role Playing
Publisher: Word Mill Games
by Farooq A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/09/2020 01:35:14

Just echoing the other reviews which say that if you're only interested in the solo system, then its better to buy the Mythic GM Emulator instead and save yourself the $2.

I found the Mythic RPG to be more useful as a creative writing tool rather than a fun game to play solo. In fact, when it comes to specifically playing solo, I found the experience of using the Mythic RPG to be more akin to doing English Literature homework with dice or doing my taxes instead of actually playing a game.

The greatest weakness of the Mythic RPG is that it tries to be completely generic. I understand that the goal is to allow the players to fit it into whatever setting or type of story they want, but as a result it loses concrete mechanics to actually support an individual fantasy. In fact, for any type of game you want to play, it is better to use a system with concrete mechanics and only use the Mythic GME to fill in the missing "gaps".

Its clear that the main appeal of the Mythic system is the GM Emulator. The instincts of the author were correct in first creating an RPG to show off the Emulation system, but then separating the Emulator out to be its own standalone system. The Mythic system is too abstract and generic to support actual play, unless layered on top of another RPG system.

more in depth review on my blog: https://farooqsgaming.blogspot-

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Mythic Role Playing
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