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QUERP Modern - Wild West $7.50
Publisher: Greywood Publishing
by Vernon F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/06/2010 22:47:33

Like its sibling products in the QUERP line, QUERP MODERN: WILD WEST crams a lot of goodness in a small book. Except for referencing the Q: MODERN main book for a few skills, this volume is largely a stand-alone book. The first thirty or so pages of WILD WEST covers a brief history of the time-period and presents several famous persons of the era statted for the game. The next section covers the character archetypes, skills, and equipment while the last section presents game master information, advice, and a nice starting adventure. I highly recommend this game for anyone wanting a rules-lite, fast-playing Old West rpg!

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QUERP Modern - Wild West
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