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Arkadia - The Greek Setting for 5e $20.00
Publisher: Arcana Games
by Hegedus G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/02/2021 05:34:17

The design and the illustrations are all wonderfuls, that is fact. Sadly, the book promises much, but give less; basically, this is a highly simplified version of the ancient greek world's feeling. No new backgrounds. The Gods & Titans are dull mirages of the "real" greek gods&titans. (summa 13 page, inculding the settings chapter) The world map is a rough-and-ready sketch: there is only 6 cities, 3 terrain feature and some coarse line of two other landmass. The is only 4 example ships & 3 weapons, but zero instuction how can you use this in a ship-to-ship combat. I backed this project on Kickstarter, but honestly, im deeply disappointed. I can find much more content some free or much cheaper from homebrew author's book. I recommend this work for anybody, who have interest in the ancient, bronze age adventures, but dont like read history or fictional novels/watch movies from the ancient greek era and still want play "something like that".

UPDATE from 2021: dont spend a single dime for this stuff, btw the official MYTHIC ODYSSEYS OF THEROS setting book is only 29usd (in digital form) and that is hundred times better in every possible way. No hard feelings for the authors, but I have learnt the lesson. Peace & out!

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Arkadia - The Greek Setting for 5e
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