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Outlands Adventures April 2019 $1.00
Publisher: Better Games
by Triem V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/18/2019 01:03:57

I'm one of the players in the campaign, so this isn't an unbiased review

This document contains the missions 7 and 8 of our current campaign. For people who might have purchased "Chronicles of the Outlands," Crimson Cutlass" or any of the other Better Games Products this will also serve as a bit of a how to/example of fleshing out the card flips from the "Scenario Design" pamphlets. The actual card flips used to generate the missions are shown, then the Referee's notes on how the card flip results were fleshed out for the campaign are given, along with the recaps of "the Campaign so far.

Missions 7 and 8 largely revolve around getting rid of some cursed magical objects, and start getting into some large underworlds. There are goblins, dragons, giants, gods, and some fun puzzles to be found. There's the Womb of Gems - the birthplace of all the world's jewels. In play, we didn't find the Womb of Gems. I'm kind of sad we didn't find the Womb of Gems, even though SOMEONE would have failed the tests of the Womb of Gems, and we've have lost another PC.

Play your cards right and one of the Campaign PCs might end up as an NPC, but in control of all the ocean's tides. Not a bad fate.

Outlands uses a system of card flips to generate most mission encounters, while certain scenes and the mission climax are fully detailed. For these missions, only the overall storyline, one or two plot-specific scenes and the mission's climaxes are fully detailed. Mission Specific Q&D tables are included. For owners of Chronicles, these alone are useful additions for the Ref. The travel events generated in play by the deck anre are not included here. There is more than enough information presented for any ref to run these missions in any game system, but travel encounters are left for individual Refs to flip or detail for themselves.

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Outlands Adventures April 2019
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