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Power Projection Fleet
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Publisher: BITS
by Victor D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/18/2019 15:08:52

Ok, where to begin? Firstly, I'm a long time Traveller fan having played since the days of Classic and Mega Traveller. Starship combat in the Traveller setting has always beena a bit problematic due to the sheer size, massive weapons loadouts and toughness of the ships, especially the battlewagons, yet the settings use of gargantuan spinal mount weapons (that can kill the biggest ships in a single shot) also reduces space combat to a crapshoot - if I fire first and hit, game over. So I was hopeful that FP:F would resolve some of these issues.

It doesn't. Despite being based upon Full Thrust, the rules deviate significantly from that ruleset, losing most of the essential simplicity that those rules come with in the process. The ships are still massive, with vast arrays of guns (taking forever to resolve the use of), and more than a few are armed with 1 shot killer spinal mount weapons. Yep - it's Traveller alright.

My copy also shows evidence of issues of the cross-over between differing computer types - my copy has numerous tiny square boxes scattered randomly across almost all the ships SSd's which interfere with their appearence and add needless clutter. The counter sheets are not exhaustive (and you'll need lots of copies of some sheets to get the required numbers of missile and sand cloud counters), the variety of sample ships provided is limited. Convcersion rules to convert ships from GURPS:T, T20, CT & MT can be used to provide a greater variety of ships, but these only serve to high light just how different the various rulesets have been - players would be well advised to use ALL CT rules ship designs due to their vastly superior manoeuver drive capabilities!

If my copy hadn't been marred by the random box squiggles on the all important SSd's I'dve rated these rules as a 3 or 4 max.

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Power Projection Fleet
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