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SUPERS Revised Edition $10.00
Publisher: HAZARD Studio
by YANN E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/03/2019 15:42:49

I have bought Supers Revised Edition last year and at first I had difficulties reading it, maybe it was the layout, the art or whatever. The thing is I have read it since and even run two playtests and my players really enjoyed this game. My experience so far is with 20D characters, the superhero power level.

The game engine use a D6 mechanics not unlike the system used in Ghostbusters, Star Wars and Men in Black but the game is simpler because it doesn't use pips (+1, +2), there is no wild die (it is an optional rule) and the scale is simpler (normal human is 1D not 2).

The strengths of this game for me are these ones :

  • Characters are easy to create with a budget of creation dices low enough for not feeling overwhelmed but sufficient enough for not feeling constricted by a budget limit
  • The gamut of character creation is diversified enough to create plenty of different character concepts and to adapt characters from other game systems
  • The game system is easy, roll you pool of D6 dices (usually 1 to 6) add the results and beat a Target Number, either a TN decided by the Judge (the game master, name in this game) or decided by the defense chosen by the opponent. If the TN is beaten by 6, it is a Major success and by 12 a Superior success.
  • The game is versatile, you can attack and defend with various powers, resistances and aptitudes depending on the situation
  • You have several ways to get hurt, you decide which resistances is lowered when hit by a blast for instance depending how you decide how it affects you narratively

The game fills all my requirements for a superhero RPG. Still I don't feel thrilled by it, I suppose this is a lack of experience with it so I think the next test run I could do with it is run a superhero campaign ;-).

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SUPERS Revised Edition
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