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All the Treasures of the World: GEMS $0.99
by Caleb J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/24/2010 12:16:20

I am proud to be geologist and a gamer with more then a passing interest in gemology. Whenever my players find a treasure trove they can expect precious minerals making up a fair share of the hoard. Given my background I knew I would either love or loathe this product, after reading it through I can happily say I'm of the former opinion. AtTotW: Gems is more then just a list that could be found on a wikipedia page. I especially enjoyed the identification guidelines,as well as the suggestions for misidentified goods. The systems are simple enough that they can easily be dropped into any game that uses the classic Gold / Silver standard, without any conversion needed. It's nice to have a guideline for the price of a princess cut diamond in GP. it might just be that GEMS is so perfectly suited for someone with my interests, but I have to say i am impressed by this release.

Is it possible that Faster Moneky is spying on it's customers?

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All the Treasures of the World: GEMS
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