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Hulks and Horrors - Basic Black Edition Pay What You Want
Publisher: Bedroom Wall Press
by David D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/11/2019 11:05:04

An excellent scifi OSR Variant. Play as a Pilot, Soldier, Scientist, or Psyker and delve into ancient hulks full of mutants and battledroids. Every bit as strong as Stars Without Number or White Star and in some ways better designed than either.

My one complaint to keep me from giving a 5 star review is that the 'programs' of the scientist class don't make any sense. They have battery life and 'high level programs' in a similar way to how a psyker has psychic talents and psychic energy, but for something mechanical that doesn't make sense. Even a low level scientist should be able to buy or steal high level programs and batteries. it's about as silly as saying a soldier can only use assault rifles once he reaches a certain level and has a limited number of bullets based on his level. very immersion breaking.

Other than that it's one of the strongest scifi rulesets out there. Well worth checking out

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Hulks and Horrors - Basic Black Edition
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