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Deadball: Baseball With Dice Pay What You Want
Publisher: W.M. Akers
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The best way to experience baseball short of grabbing a glove.

Baseball has a great many things going for it—it's tense, it's exciting, and it's a strategy game. Few sports so completely mix strategic and tactical planning with needing genuine physical activity to carry those plans out. On the other hand, those things make up perhaps ten minutes of a ninety-minute game. The rest involves watching people stand in a field and sweat.

Baseball With Dice gives you all the tense excitement of wondering if the home-town boys will convert on a double, with the speed and efficiency of Yahtzee, and that's just the start.

Then you get into making your own teams, and growing to love these imaginary people in the same way that you might love your RPG characters, or your little plastic men in a wargaming army. Then you get into deciding who's better, the 1908 Tigers with Ty Cobb leading the way, or the 1927 Yankees, sporting Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. And you realize that I wasn't mincing words above: I'm not talking about the best way to play a single game of baseball. I'm talking about the best way to experience baseball.

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Deadball: Baseball With Dice
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