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The Desolation, Part 1: The Edge of Oblivion (PF) $5.99 $4.99
Publisher: Frog God Games
by Adam B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/18/2010 21:21:01

A word of warning to those Dungeons & Dragons 4E buyers: The game mechanics ARE NOT written for 4E, despite the claim to the contrary on the order page. The background story and "fluff" are good, actually great, but you will need to do some work re-writing the mechanics to be playable in your game (4E). Only because of the work involved for the buyer to convert it over to their 4E game, I can not give it as high a rating as it deserves. With that being said .... $2.00 is still a value steal.

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Creator Reply:
All fixed. hanks for letting me know I checked the wrong box, and I am very glad you liked the book! Let us know what you think of Chapters 2-14!
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The Desolation, Part 1: The Edge of Oblivion (PF)
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