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Evil Knights $2.95
Publisher: Mayhem in Paper
by Jeff B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/26/2010 19:59:13

Great resource! I use these when I need a large number of markers and cant cover it with 3D figures or if I need to travelbecause it allows for transport with very little bulk.

I have a buddy that pretty much ONLY uses these. He prints them on super heavy card stock and has hundreds of orcs, trools, goblins etc lined up on shelves just wating.

These look pretty cool and do stand up rather than just being a flat tile on the table like a poker chip or does stand up because it is folded in half like a pup-tent.

I often intend to throw these away after a game but the players ALWAYS want to keep them because they are pretty cool.

Killer tool for the GR or player. Hey, those minies get spendy.

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Evil Knights
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