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Future Armada: Argos III $8.95
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by lior s. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/09/2010 05:22:38

I bought this product a few hours before a new Starblazer campaign kicked off. The characters were due to limp in (faulty FTL drive) into a spaceport, where all sorts of trouble would land upon them. A bit late I realized that I could use a detailed space port, and was happy to find the Argos III. The product contains a few pdf's. The first one details the station, its different sectors, and interesting locations within. I especially liked the Transportation tubes system, and already staged a battle within them. As the characters were aboard one transportation sphere, it was hacked and stranded powerless and without gravitation, in the tubes. A bunch of goons with guns and steel crowbars came to "their rescue". The other pdf's contain detailed maps (and tactical maps for minis) which are also very useful. Finally the product also comes with great CG renderings of the station in all its glory, some eye candy for my players.

To sum: great product, saved my day.

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Future Armada: Argos III
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