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Publisher: Drunk and Ugly Games LLC
by Chase S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/15/2018 10:28:51

I am one of the original Kickstarter backers of this game, and I am very proud to say that as the game is a ton of fun. If you enjoy some humor in your RPG, then you would definitely be happy with this game. I have my physical copy of the game, and I will say that the book itself looks really nice. The print is a really nice size that won't require someone to pull out their reading glasses, which is always nice.

The system itself is d12 based, and all rolls ("skills", attack, etc) are rolled on the d12 and then an appropriate attribute is added to the roll. For things of normal difficulty, you're wanting a 10 or better. Things that are easy given the right circumstances (trying to hide a key where nobody will find it when nobody is looking for ex.) need a 7 or higher. Finally things that are really tough are going to require a 13 or higher. In addition, Goblins can aid one another on most rolls (if it makes sense), and if they succeed at a d12 roll... The original Goblin can add a bonus to their roll to see if they can beat that 7, 10 or 13 mentioned earlier. All rolls, except for damage, that result in a 1 are an automatic and hilarious failure. All natural 12's are criticals that also result in funny things happening (to opponents in combat for instance).

There are 13 Specialties (classes) that you can choose for your Goblin. One of my favorites is the Wooly, which is a mountain Goblin. If you ever saw the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the Abominable Snowman (the "I will call him George and..." snowman), then just picture him the size of a Goblin and you will know what I'm talking about. If you don't want to take a Specialty, you get to take your choice of 100 different Perks. Why wouldn't you want a Specialty? Because there are advantages and drawbacks to each (bonuses to do certain things and penalties to do other things).

One final cool thing about Goblin creation is that, if you choose to create your Goblin using the Random system (leaving everything to the dice), you automatically get 2 Perks to start with. Character advancement is handled with Goblin Greatness which is basically experience handed out for making people laugh, accomplishing goals, beating monsters, doing things other Goblins haven't done before, etc. One point of Goblin Greatness can buy a Perk, and 2 points can increase an Attribute (these are just 2 options).

Finally, the monster section is nicely done with several good examples of creatures to run into out in the wild. There is a nicely done section on the Setting with notes on various Goblin settlements and other landmarks. Plus, lots of info on healing, combat, running from combat, and all the other things that one might need. This game does take place on an alternate Earth, so I'll address one last thing. The creator basically leaves the existence of Human Beings up to a GM. The Canon says that there are surviving Humans, but that there are roughly only 100 left in the entire world.

So, all things considered, I again say that I am VERY HAPPY that I backed this game. My players and I just completed our first session, and we had an absolute blast. I'd recommend this game to every gamer that has a sense of humor!!!

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