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Legend of the Five Rings Core Rulebook $49.95 $24.95
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Luigi Y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/22/2019 19:32:55

I was new to the Legend of the Five Rings, having never played the previous editions nor the card game - and I fell in love with this game. It is samurai drama at its finest. The setting and system are geared towards the fantasy of living in the complicated society of honor-bound samurai. Dividing the land into seven clans, each with personalities of their own, is amazing. To date, there's been two sourcebooks detailing more of the scenario. It has been wonderful. And the support from Fantasy Flight Games is amazing. After release they provided us with a PDF with a higher res version of the maps and, so far, five adventure books - three of them free to download from their website. I'm also part of a Discord channel with other L5R to set up games and discuss, which makes it even more fun. Currently, Legend of the Five Rings is my favorite TTRPG.

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Legend of the Five Rings Core Rulebook
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