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Publisher: Bad Axe Games
by Henry G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/30/2009 05:54:44

To keep it short and sweet. You like the CRUCH? this is the book for you, just must have.

Little more in deepth. I am not a crunch person I have always been a bit more of a fluff person from the time I picked up my first 40k book, always loved those short stories which always seemed much better than any novel they attempted thats another story.

Dispite this book being very crunchy it is very well layed out. For the visal person in everyone they have four key icons, some gears for system, scales for balance, hourglass for time and beer mug for fun. This is very helpful. These days I don't have the time I want on my hands and even if I do I end up wasting it. They know that some of there stuff is not things that people want to read, some people don't want to read break down of stats or bs like that it's just bs to them. Helps alot navigating through the book.

Action points, someone said they were not the magic fix that they make them out to be. Well there was one thing there action points didn't live up to for me they were too crunchy not at all fluffy. They say the average adventure goes through X encounters to for each level ect. See for me I use action points and they should be used to avoid the 'Wiff factor'. Why is Inigo Montoya going to kill the count? Because he saved up all of his action points for this encounter? No, there should be action points given because someone adds action or drama to the scene. A personal gripe.

Elite and solo monsters! Not just for fourth ed! One thing that disappoints me about some people is when they see an idea and they berate it because of where it comes from. Be this 4th players on older games or older gamers on 4th. The Solo and Elite monsters really give them an edge against the PCs.

Ussally a monster on equal CR to the PCs is screwed if encountered alone give this it can make them a real challange. If thats not enough to be worth checking out I don't know what is.

Really helps fix problems that need fixing. If you intend to play D20, pick this up the price is right! Do it you know you want to...

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