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Kobold Quarterly Magazine 10 $3.59
Publisher: Kobold Press
by Mark M. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/20/2009 16:52:12

Kobold Quarterly has been around for a while now, having just reached the double digits (congrats, guys!) and their magazine keeps getting better.

They’ve recently expanded the length of the magazine to account for more 4e material, which, as a 4e player, I really appreciate. They make it obvious that they won’t be reducing their 3e material, but expanding on their 4e (and most likely more Pathfinder as well).

Now, just because I’m a 4e player doesn’t mean I don’t care about things like Pathfinder, so I was pleased to see them put a preview of the new game right near the front of the magazine. In the sneak preview, they talk about what’s changed from 3.5 to 3.75, and more importantly, what’s stayed the same. Also, there is a new Prestige Class, the Shadowdancer, a group who strikes from the darkness.

There’s a fantastic article by Michael Brewer, Quinn Murphy and Jonathan Jacobs about Skill Challenges called “Swords Against Darkness”, which includes a few very cool skill challenges that can be dropped into any campaign. What I like about skill challenges is just that: they are small scenes that can be thrown into the middle of any game.

Their interview for this issue is with Jeff Grubb, a pioneer in D&D, who has helped develop Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and, the greatest campaign setting of all, Spelljammer (you should probably read that last part as sarcasm). In the interview he talks about life at TSR, world building, and mentioned that he’s even playing 4e. I like seeing the old guard picking up the game, when so many aren’t, so that’s cool. The interview is quite extensive, and you should probably check it out.

Another good article is that of “Whispering Enigmas: A Warlock Field Guide”. Though it’s not specifically 4e, the fact that it’s about warlocks and features their various pacts makes it quite obvious. The article has various one-liners that a warlock may say as they cast their spells or use words of power. It’s a great thing for a warlock player to have on hand to aid in their roleplaying. In addition, it talks about warlocks “patrons”, or those who have given the warlocks their powers, and how to develop that.

A new race is presented in the Haffuns, for both 3e and 4e. They’re similar to Halflings, but they have the ability to grant boons to their enemies.

In their book review section, they cover Open Game Table, the anthology of game blogs which consists mainly of blogs from the RPG Bloggers Network. It’s a nice review, and though I still haven’t gotten a chance to pick it up, I intend to as soon as I’m able. I’m even hoping to end up with an article in the next OGT (if there is one).

Of course, those are only the 4e focused articles I’ve referenced. There’s plenty more articles I don’t have time to mention here, but if you pick up a copy, you will definitely find more.

I give this 5 of 5 Kobolds.

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine 10
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