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Uncharted Worlds
Publisher: Sean Gomes
by Christopher J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/04/2018 20:02:02

So, this review will cover two aspects: Content and Physical Quality (as I ordered the hardback of the book).

Content: The system and game is really well-designed. I like the simplicity that PbtA uses, and this builds it into a Sci-Fi setting very well. The Moves are simple and dynamic, allowing for a lot of freedom in how situations are handled. Character creation allows for many possible character types and the Asset system lets your imagination run wild with possibilities for items and vehicles. Really enjoying the system and how it is working out.

Physical Quality: I wanted to get a physical copy of the book (as well as Far Beyond Humanity), since I liked the system so much. In thinking it over, I knew that I would likely use the book extensively, so I opted to go with the Hardcover book. That was a big mistake. While the cover is quite durable, the pages are extremely thin, basic paper (think of the thickness of a page from a Bible and double it). I now fear that I may end up tearing the pages, due to the vast difference in durability between them and the cover. Honestly, I was expecting thicker, possibly treated lack and white pages, more along the quality of what is found in Heroines of the First Age or other major gaming books (like Pathfinder). Had I know the pages were to be this delicate, I would have gone with Paperback binding to maintain consistency in feel between the cover and pages.

TLDR: Content of the system is awesome. Quality of physical copy's pages make me suggest one ONLY order it Paperback.

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Uncharted Worlds
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