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Forge Engine - Universal Role-Playing System $0.00
Publisher: Hero Forge Games
by Scott C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/15/2018 23:29:07

Pros: • The system's very quick to get up and running. • I love the use of a single die type. • The way that the dice pools are used is simple but clever. • You can change the direction your character's abilities grow along the campaign - and not limited to a "class".

Cons: • I still need help with handling my character's energy in combat; when I'm "spending" energy or "adding" energy into my action pool. • Some skills and attributes weren't really used in our campaign - but that is more game style, than the rules. So it's important to establish up front which skills are used based on the campaign.

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Forge Engine - Universal Role-Playing System
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