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NAVAL COMBAT (5E) - Running Sea Encounters for Ships & Monsters $3.99
Publisher: Tribality Publishing
by Robert M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/22/2018 12:53:35

This title appears to have a fair number of good ideas, equipment, handling skills on ships, etc. However there are several glaring issues, such as the table outlining stats for the ships being nearly completely different than the stats listed in the entries. Even if "entries always trump tables" applies, the numbers still seem incorrect as the entries list the brig, caravel, and sloop all as having the same number of hit points (for context, the table lists only the Caravel and Sloop as having the same number of hit points). The book also goes into details about how much damage cannons do, and how to adjust accordingly if you want cannons of a different size than those listed. However a very, very important detail seems to be missing, which is how many and of what size of these cannons any given ship can have equipped. Beyond this, and the multitude of grammatical errors in the printing, it was a good purchase for $5. UPDATE The recent update has adjusted the tables, entries, and hit points for the ships and seem much better now. Unfortunately, the only guide I am seeing at this point for the number and size of cannons/siege weapons a ship can have is the following line from the book; "The larger the ship, the greater the quantity and size of its cannons." If the DM is to come up with the numbers that is fine, but a general guide for how many and of what type of cannons NPC ships could have would be wonderful! Thanks go to the publishers for the update!

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your comments. Shawn has made modifications based on your help, and we've uploaded a revision. Thanks.
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NAVAL COMBAT (5E) - Running Sea Encounters for Ships & Monsters
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