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Legendary Adventures - Harrowing Heights $11.00 $7.37
Publisher: DeepDark Designs
by Benjamin K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/20/2018 01:28:27

This adventure book is very well done. The first thing that caught my attention when i opened the files (This is a review of the PDF) was the fun artwork and the wonderful page design! I feel that it is worth noting that the pages are in color, not just B&W. This product is filled with content, including "Roll Tables", Maps, new magic items and New variations of classic monsters that we all love. Included with the adventure, is a seperate PDF file that serves as a variant Kobold bestiary (quite honestly, this would be worth buying if it were sold seperately.)

This is a classic a tale of high fantasy. The Heroes are sent on a quest to rescue a Princess from the clutches of nasty Kobolds (And even a feirce Dragon!) and they must travel through a very detailed world of adventure and danger. They will run into various obstacles along the way, but this will only make them stronger!

I love this book, and will be playing it with my group very soon! The price is VERY reasonable for all of the content that is included. I highly recommend it.

So what are you waiting for??? Go Save that princess! (lets hope she's not in another castle...)

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Legendary Adventures - Harrowing Heights
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