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Forge Engine - Universal Role-Playing System $0.00
Publisher: Hero Forge Games
by Matt L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/14/2018 23:31:58

As one of the players that has been involved in some of the playtesting for this system, I found that it contained some interesting concepts, as well as being adaptable to various settings. (One of the settings I got to experience was Roman Era as accidental time travelers, and the other was a space setting). For the most part, if your group is accustommed to role playing, you won't even notice what system you're using, and depending on your GM as to how much dice rolling you have. I like the point buy process, and the regular advancement of characters through play, though yet again that can be controlled by the GM to allow for slower or faster character development.

One of the bits I find a bit too complex with not a significant gain over possible simpler solutions is the combat and dice pools, where you have the base one, and you have energy points you can spend to bring in more dice, depending on which skill you are using. It limits your ability to use skills all the time, and does so quite well, but it feels more complex than necessary.

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Forge Engine - Universal Role-Playing System
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