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Publisher: lumpley games
by Mike I. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/05/2022 16:04:15

Although I find this game to be AMAZING in the conceptualization of moves and how personal histories between PCs affect aiding each other, and many great innovations in a single game, I find it a hard game to run. I really enjoy playing it but as the MC you it's sometimes hard to mitigate uncomfortable territory between players. Certain optional and standard playbooks (aka classes) work off each other to further the uncomfortable territory (like the Brainer and the Child-thing). It's a brilliant game though if you want a world full of Mad Max types, this is THE game. 2nd edition is also famous for adding in rules specifically for Mad Max Fury Road style play and doom clocks replacing threat fronts. One last point: The rules boil down to a few dozen pages. I would have like to have seen the blowhard bits and the lengthy explanations reduced and examples increased.

If you don't like in your face, expletive laced explanations but want to try this game, get Apocalypse World: Burned Over edition. I've heard that's a much more straight forward rulebook.

I dropped a star for the bloated text and the reluctance I feel towards running this game and yet being unable to find many groups willing to try it.

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Apocalypse World (2nd Ed)
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