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Uncharted Worlds
Publisher: Sean Gomes
by Daniel D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/17/2018 15:10:43

Didn't try it, but again I never will. The fame is totally OK, but alas there are beter PbtA space-operas

The system tries to systematize and sort out things that are better left alone. Come on, everybody knows what blaster is and what it does.

For example, there are several basic vehicle 'forms' in this book, and every other (unbasic) vehicle is to be described like bunch of 'upgrades' of the basic thing. Like a Bus is big Ground Car for many passengers and a Tank is big armed and armoured Ground Car...

Again, I don't like the list of the basic Moves. Where is Recover/Leak Wounds, for example?

Again Moves' fancy names get in the way of usability. For example a Move to negotiate/trade/parley with is called barter. And then it IS barter made for trading hi-tech beads-and-knifes for aboriginal gold. Too narrow

So the game seems pretty and playable, but I will no try it

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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Uncharted Worlds
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