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A Small Task for Appleview D&D 4th edition for Fantasy Grounds II $10.95 $4.95
Publisher: DW Publications
by Linda K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/10/2008 09:52:15

God, i can't believe that other reviewer only giving this adventure module 2 stars. I'm in a all-female playing group in NYC. The five of us played the entire game. We're all IT people, so we at least have some brains. We alternatley laughed at the puns and cried at the tragedies. The end was like watching the end battle of Lord of teh Rings. Strike that---- it was like being in the end of the LOTR. After the time travel field gave us all the clues we needed, everything in this long adventure fit together, and I mean everything. That good-bad girl Geniveev (sp?) from the top level was probably the best npc our group ever saw (but we have a good dm too). We're going onto wotc's H2 module next. I've read through it. It is so tame and boring after just coming off of the appleview adventure. I asked the other players this morning if they agreed with me. They said yes and said they wanted to come down from the high of the conclusion of the appleview experience before going to a much simpler adventure like H2. Maybe we will do something different then H2 in fact. If you like long campaigns where the things you learn even at the beginning fit in at the end, play this one.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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A Small Task for Appleview D&D 4th edition for Fantasy Grounds II
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