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Publisher: Ludibrium Games
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/26/2018 08:48:21

A human outpost (the Bleak Tower) is under siege by the Split Tongue orc tribe. Can the PCs defeat the source of the trouble in the Ironwood Gorge?

A familiar set up, but with some interesting twists and features: (i) Intrigue amongst the residents of Bleak Tower; (ii) Travel to the 2 level dungeon via the Ironwood should be a memorable and creepy experience. A new monster, the Ironwood Dryad, is a nice variant on a classic, suitable for a Mirkwood-like forest; (iii) Geographical features come into play in the gorge; (iv) There are allies to find; displaced and downtrodden goblins have useful information; a good variety of combat encounters, including some new monsters; (v) The Split Tongue orc tribe is well described, with tension between the Warlord and the Priest; (vi) There are bonus areas to discover, and multiple routes to find and exploit.

My group needed three trips and an alliance with the dwarves to defeat the orcs. There are many "stop the humanoid raiders" adventures available, but this is a superior one. Highly recommended.

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Ironwood Gorge
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