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The Black Hack $2.00
Publisher: Gold Piece Publications
by Jason W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/02/2017 13:40:31
I recall the days of the first D& D basic set from the 70's. It blew my child mind. I matured with AD & D. Then for me it changed with v3.5. I hated it. The game became slow, as a GM it was a arduous. A game session became endless tables and rolls. It killed the flow and fun. I stopped playing. Years passed and I stuck to board games. Then I looked for a rules lite rpg. I found The Black Hack. Immediately I recalled the old days of gaming that didn't require an accounting present to play. I love this system. It is simple to the extreme. More a set of basic game physics than rules. A breeze to learn. Fast gameplay. Combat with no pauses. I like the attribute test engine and the advantage disadvantage roll. Yeah its basic but thats the point. Make rolls up as your go, maintain the theatre of the game with no "hang on I need to look that roll up" in addition you can use any pre written adventure and tweak it without difficult conversions. I'm dusting off the old TSR module's for some retro fun. It's incredibly cheap and pdf friendly. I'm padding out spells with my old AD&D books. In fact use any rule book or expansion and improvise. If your a number cruncher you will hate it. If like me you just want to get on with play with total flexibilty you will love it.

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The Black Hack
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