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Treasure Chests: Volume 2 $1.95 $1.17
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/27/2008 09:31:07

No matter how much you attempt to prevent it, there comes a time in a campaign where things are mulling along and the gaming becomes pretty routine. Explore, loot, kill BBEG, Role play the earnings in the city. The traditional fares of an adventure, especially if you’re reading verbatim from a module, can get boring after a few sessions.

If you are interested in a quick fix to spice up mundane, Tricky Owl Bear Publishing’s Treasure Chests: Volume 2, may help a bit. It is a series of containers that possess a bit of a surprise. In some cases it’s a story, in some cases its the contents that are held in side, but each can introduce a brief diversion.

The 5 page PDF has 10 treasure chests. Each entry contains a well described verse with a Description, durability statistics, defenses and quirks. Everything is well described, but these chests should have had some accompanying artwork to fill themselves out.

For the Dungeon Master Skilled players will see the Decoy Chest a mile a way However, you may find new uses for the Oracle chest, a great way to identify items, and the Heraldry chest, a good place to store an important quest item.

The Iron Word The 10 treasure chests in Treasure Chests: Volume II are creative and use traditional and not so traditional traps to ensnare uncareful foes. I did like that most of them chests had secondary uses which can make them as important as the treasure. I wish there was artwork included, but the descriptions are well expressed. This is a good buy to use sparingly in your adventure.

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Treasure Chests: Volume 2
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