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Adventurers! Revised 2Pages Edition $0.00
Publisher: GRAmel
by Dillard R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/21/2017 16:58:13

Free and complete version of the revised Adventurers! rules. These rules use 2d6 plus stat modified by Skills (skills generally don't add + this or that they give "Advantage" roll 3d6 drop lowest).

With just three stats Strength, Agility, and Mind this is dead simple to choose your stats starting with just 6 points.

You have derived stats Attack, Defense, Endurance (Hit points), and Heroism

The first three are easy to understand. Heroism gives points per session that the players use for agency to affect his rolls either a +1 to his roll or she can re-roll (in the case of Learning Skill they can use Heroism points to declare facts about a setting). Or use Heroism points to change something about the scene, "Theres a fireplace? Then there must be fuel I can set fire to!"

There is a short list of powers available for players. Small Gear list. Etc. Each table and each set of rules is complete enough. Meaning that a GM or player can extrapolate anything easily. Yes there is even Scale and Mass Battle rules!

This is a great tool for quick play created by GMs and PCs alike. If you add the various settings you have hours and hours of fun!

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Adventurers! Revised 2Pages Edition
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