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City of Judas $5.00
Publisher: Dreamlord Press
by Lars L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/05/2017 11:09:53

I read the rules and it looks like ApokalypseWorld set in a dark fantasy setting. While DungeonWorld was more like D&D with the ApocalypseWorld rules this "hack" catches more of the gritty spirit of AW in a low fantasy setting. You have also supernatural creatures like in DW, but more in a demon and "twisted animal" way (carnivorous elephant and skorpion-men). General the tone is more mystery and less heroic monster fighting.

I also like that you have a setting that keeps the group together as all PCs are members of mercenary group called Iron Fist and are send on missions from their superiors. In this way it could be played as a "Monster of the Week" in a dark fantasy setting or "Dogs in the Vineyard". I also like the "dark side" idea of the rules. Through some moves you get taint, which brings you in contact with demons. You can profit by it, but you will be currupted if you keep using it.

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City of Judas
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