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Publisher: Schwalb Entertainment
by Michael S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/13/2017 23:03:30

As you open the document you are treated to an attractive possibly corrupted female mage with what appears to be a Gollum-like creature on a leash. Good start as it is shown clearly through the image what you expect Paths of Power to be about. The lower half offers an introduction as to what the new series will be about. Reading that it will offer new options, enhancements, and updates to some of my favorite paths in the game is one of the main reasons I purchased the product. I absolutely love the sorcerer and spellbinder and couldn't wait to see what I could do with them now. Towards the end it introduced the occultist, a new expert path for characters that dives head first into the use of dark magic with less penalty for learning dark traditions and their spells.

The new path is very attractive. I can't wait to design some villains or tormented souls using evil for good reasons. This class is also what appears to be what the female on the front cover is seeing as you level up you eventually gain a gain servant that clearly matches the description of the creature she has leashed. The fact that you no longer gain corruption from discovering dark magic or learning dark spells makes the option to go down a darker path as a "hero" much more attractive as you feel less(at least for myself) like you're just screwing yourself and the group over. I really love the new path.

The 4 pages left went over the sorcerer, spellbinder, warlock, and wizard. I'm not sure if maybe I missed something after going over it in comparison to the core rulebook but the updates seem to be better worded descriptions of path abilities. If I am missing something please let me know as this is the reason why I can't give this a higher score. I was anticipating at least one or two variations to an expert path similar to what Uncertain faiths did for the priest novice path based on the wording used in the description of the product. The only difference I have found has been the spellbinders spell "spellbound weapon" that offers an added affect that allows you to give up spells to do more damage with an attack from the weapon.

For the price I'd say you're not losing anything. The updates are better worded than their original from the core rulebook. From the description of the product I do feel let down that the only new thing I received was a new expert path. Overall, a little more than a dollar for it wasn't bad just disappointing.

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Paths of Power
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