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The Illuminated Edda
Publisher: Pendelhaven
by Sean M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/02/2017 14:41:22


This is a delightful collection of stories from Norse myth, woven together into a continuous narrative along with the added bonus of myths from other cultures (such as Celtic, Finnish, and Baltic). The illustrations are beautiful, as well, and were certainly one of the main selling points. Andrew has done a great job with this translation, bringing to life many stories of which I am fond, while, at the same time, taking liberties to make it his own without detracting from the source material.


My only real complaints come from the amount of typographical errors in the book (but I am rather critical of such issues). The binding of the book also caused some minor annoyance, as I feel that the text extends too far toward where the pages curve and come together with the spine; this causes difficulty in reading the words near that area and with the size of the book, it is difficult to flatten it out to remedy the situation. Overall, the cons never took away from my enjoyment of this book. There is also a long scratch on the back of the cover; I enjoy smooth textures and feeling this blemish against my hand while holding the book is a bit irritating

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The Illuminated Edda
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