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Publisher: Arion Games
by Mikael H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/25/2016 09:26:58

Everything about this game feels like a half measure, ideas and concept sounds promising, but are not followed through. The layout is ... simple, with sometimes annoying results. If this was edited and layouted by a proffesional it would be a quarter or something in page count. Awful lot of empty space it is ...

The system is quite vague, with a lot of hand waving, except when it is not and then it is clunky complex backward detailed ...

The resurrection should have included some more attention to the "hardware", the lacking thereof is sad, because the setting is charming and interesting.

Reading this ... product, is as fun as reading your own college notes twenty years later, interesting, but not something you want to do for a long stretch of time. And these 3D-Poser-model illustrations mostly feels awkward and ... sloppy ...

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