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No Country For Old Kobolds
Publisher: Steve Wallace Art
by Carl A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/25/2016 13:51:45

I've finally had the chance to read through all of the rules for this and I love it. Great use of the Dungeon World system.

First off, who hasn't wondered what life is like for the weakest of the the intelligent denizens of the average fantasy world? They exist to be slaughtered by the dozens by low level adventurers, and very quickly even in large groups pose no real threat. Life must suck for them, and yet from that adversity can come stories of adventure and survival by the thinnest of threads.

What is it like to have to use every advantage you can come up with just to even the odds vs a famrer armed with pitchfork? With this game you can find out. If your gaming group is a large one, everyone will still have something to do, since none of you will be all that tough, but your village is counting on you to do your best!

So does the system allow you to advance? That's probably the best part in my opinion. In nost DW games you get tougher and tougher, just like in D&D, Pathfinder, etc. But that would really hurt this style of game. Instead, when you die, you get to play a new generation of your family, which gets the same stats, with a +1 to one of them (max of +2 total), and one ability from them from a sizable list, plus more depending upon your Wisdom bonus. Some abilities require your parent to have had a specific ability. This works really well into allowing you to bond with your character, even though they aren't long for this world in most cases.

Another source of abilities is the village you live in. This forms a sort of shared character that everyone uses. Everytime someone rolls a 'miss' result, the village gains an xp point. Abilities for the village cost either 7 or 14 xp, and might result in the village getting a protector, like a Troll, for example! But that Troll wants something, and you better provide it! No one likes an angry Troll, even those they are protecting.

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No Country For Old Kobolds
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