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Daring Comics Spotlight #3: Power-Armor $1.50
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by Gustavo C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/10/2016 14:59:54

As all previous spotlights, this is a short and thought provoking text, that work as a mini toolkit for the specific aspect they are detailing. They are great reads and you can see the inner workings. In this Power armor, for example, there are comparisions about tought heroes and Power Armor heores and how they work mechanically, and what can you expect from them.

A real plus is the fact that they show how some other powers can be incorporated or reskined into the armor, and this is really powerful, as it opens up a lot of different variations on the power armor user.

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Daring Comics Spotlight #3: Power-Armor
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