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Mini Six: Bare Bones Edition $0.00
Publisher: AntiPaladin Games
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/24/2016 21:53:18

Taking an existing system and boiling it down to the bare essentials, adding in some varient rules to aid ease and speed of play, Mini Six is a great game engine product. Obviously not as detailed as other generic rpgs, but therein is the charm. The title including the phrase "Bare Bones Edition" is a tempting teaser that has me looking for a more comprehensive product, but really this book and a couple notebooks for whatever I add on would be perfectly sufficient for most sorts of games.

I like the book enough that I bought it here even though I already have the pdf just to fling a couple bucks at the producers and to be able to write this short review.

Also of note, the d6 system as boiled here is also used in a couple of other neat projects which will be easy to see on a search of Mini Six. The licensing terms are quite favorable for those who want to publish their own games using this engine, which is pretty cool.

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Mini Six: Bare Bones Edition
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