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Risus: Toast of the Town - A Free Pulp-Fantasy Adventure $0.00
Publisher: Big Dice Games
by Casey T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/26/2017 22:09:52

A top notch fantasy adventure and locale that be plopped down into any setting with only minor changes. The maps are hand crafted and finely detailed. Though the stats for premade characters and npcs are rendered in the rules-light Risus system, it is descriptive enough that an experienced GM will have no problem converting them to their preferred system. The main adventure itself is fairly short with a fun twist on demons. However the real meat of this adventure is the hooks and local color provided. There were enough seeds in this adventure for me to run a dozen sessions on. If you are looking for a one-shot with room for your imaginiation, then this product is ideal. If you are looking for a fantasy city full of hooks and personalities, then you can't go wrong with Toast of the Town.

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Risus: Toast of the Town - A Free Pulp-Fantasy Adventure
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