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Wushu: Black Belt Edition Pay What You Want
Publisher: Daniel Bayn
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/24/2016 13:08:44

First off, know that this is a storytelling type RPG. I usually hate these because they drone on and on and players wreck havok on the narrative and it all becomes a bad joke. But, not this one! First, the GM controls the length of any scenario which stops the narrative from rambling. Second, the GM controls the overall narrative so that while players impact play and their world, it is only within the individual scenario. This is not a game where characters can amble about aimlessly or create all new trouble for the GM. Naturally, this means the players can be railroaded. If this works because everyone like a good narrative, great! If not, just keep moving. This rpg is meant to be mostly scripted ahead of play. Additionally, because the scenes are mostly scripted you shouldn't have a lot of battles or failed searches that just keep going and going, and you should be able to predict after the first playtest how long scenarios take to play.

That's not to say that improvisation is not encouraged and easy in this game. It is! It's just that it was created to be like a movie where you know where the plot is moving except for a few big twists. I haven't played yet but I am very much looking forward to creating unique one offs for this game. A certain Jack wushu cartoon for example.

My favorite and the most unique mechanic is the one regarding flashbacks. Such a great idea for anyone that ever wanted to use a flashback in your games.

If you like this kind of thing, you will love this game! If you think Pathfinder is the best system ever, skip right on by.

Last note, the Black Belt Edition should be the only one you need. I believe it includes all the supplements like Wire-fu and Car-fu.

Also as this is a pay what you wish AND a complete game with years of work on it, I dropped $5 on it. Any less seemed unfair for the quality, depth, and uniqueness of the game.

P.S. I would like a print on demand version as this is a pretty sizable PDF and that makes it a bit clunky for my first few games when I will be referencing the document on occassion. Luckily, this game applies the mechanics evenly to most situations so a cheatsheet would easily suffice.

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Wushu: Black Belt Edition
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