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DUST Adventures Corebook $14.99
Publisher: Modiphius
by Bence F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/07/2016 17:48:40

This will be a short review. This is a genre which can be played both historic-realistic, and pulpy. I was interested in the pulp part mainly, as a pulp sourcebook this is very evocative, has a lot of supernatural elements and superhuman abilities to choose from, as well as superscience. One can play in this world both superheroes, and mere soldiers. superscience here can be considered magic, so with slight alterations, magic exists as well, depending on the GM. And it has Preussan non-nazi Axis (a bit similar to WW I feeling, but much better, more advanced, mystical, but not evil like the nazi scenario). Wow!

The writing style is very easy to read, not convoluted at all.

It's main strong force that it made again playable the Axis party (in other games the Axis are either Nationalsocialists, and thus evil, or it is WW I.).

It's bad side might be, that it should have more information about artifacts with more examples, more superpowers, and maybe more pictures about the available weapons. More info about the aliens. We do not even know how they look like! This just makes the reader want more. (Maybe, additional expansion books?) Also I missed that this book covered only within Europe the following countries: England and France - and soviet Russia. What about whole Europe, especially Germany, Italy in details?? The author made comments about a coming book about the Asian frontier, but we want more about the Axis-European-Preussian culture/society (without Nazis - preussan style without nazis at WWII - this is the most interesting thing ever!) as well. Also I was sad that there was zero word on Mussolini and Italy and Southern-Europe generally, also could have been nice to have some British fascists (Mosley), though Britain is occupied in this setting... These could be added later, however.

Because of these I considered giving 4 instead of five, but the whole thing is so evocative that could not do that.

The Allied (especially the US) and the Soviet (here they are called SSU) factions are nonetheless very detailed. The integration of the materialism and spiritism within the SSU is also very excellent!

Last but not least, the system seems to be very easy, low numbers, (very good for those, who do not like to learn systems for too long), and there are also built-in tactical wargames attached to it.

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DUST Adventures Corebook
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