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The Vertical Halls $4.38 $4.35
Publisher: Other Selves
by Daniel B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2015 15:04:44

Players of earlier OGL games will recognize many of the monsters, but they are redrawn for DCC, and they work well. The main conceits are well done, and should be entertaining in play. The maps are great, and definitely have the DCC vibe that the official maps do (i.e., they are drawn with side illos ala the great Mr. Kovacs). The backstory is not only entertaining, but the players should be able to at least glimpse it through play, if not figure it out entirely.

The author makes sure to tell you that it is okay for the PCs to fail. This is good advice.

My verdict is a Thumbs Up. Get this one!

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The Vertical Halls
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