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Purple Mountain II: Ruins of the Dwarven Delve $4.00
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Martin S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/15/2015 09:35:50

The second level of the Purple Mountain mega-dungeon looks quite nice and fun to play. It has challenging encounters and I like that not everything is out to kill characters, unless they make them angry :-) There is a good use of the environment during fights and I like the diversity of the opponents. What I really enjoy however are the notes left by the designer. Having a table with a list of all the encounters, locations, and experience points, as well as quests that can be accomplished is something I would like to see more often in an adventure. There is also a list of treasures with their value and where they can be found. It helps a lot to plan on game! The module itself is well-designed and will most likely be very challenging.

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Purple Mountain II: Ruins of the Dwarven Delve
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