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High-Space Interactive Planetary Log $4.95
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by James J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/30/2015 04:09:20

Yeah, this is pretty good. A time saver.

I already use Campaign Cosmographer with the plugins, and some other planet fractal generators to do planets similar to this, but this is nice in that I can rig up planet, moon, display etc, pretty quick. The planets here are pretty cool for space opera flavor. Traveller gearheads will balk at some of the more garish colors of worlds like Greenhouse mostly green or variations of pink and purple. But overall, a solid product, the glowing reviews here for it are true. It's pretty cool, and gives tyou a nice planetary layout view from space template, much as the old Star wars d6 planetary guide did.

It's not a 20 sided die map of the surface, rather you get the look of a planet and some moons in a graphic display, from a database. Great for an overview to give the feeling of the Library data entry in some explorer's database. Definitely worth a look or buying.

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High-Space Interactive Planetary Log
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